Royalberry Waffle House & Restaurant

Very disappointed. Restaurant wasnโ€™t that busy at all and yet they sat us at a table where we waited for over 5 mins watching wait staff attend other tables while not one brought us water or asked what we would like to drink. We finally walked out and no one even noticed. That is NOT how you get people to patronize your business. We wonโ€™t be back.

Oct 13th 4:01pm • No Comments

It feels like a chicken and waffle kind of day, don't you think? ๐Ÿ˜‹

Oct 13th 3:04pm • No Comments

Only the freshest toppings for you, Palos Heights!

Oct 9th 3:34pm • No Comments

The best way to start a great #weekend in #palosheights is with one of our delicious Bloody Marys!

Oct 6th 2:52pm • No Comments

Share your favorites, Palos Heights!

Oct 2nd 3:43pm • No Comments

Consider this your gathering place.

Sep 28th 7:18pm • No Comments

Start your day off right with this in sight.

Sep 25th 2:18pm • No Comments

We serve dinner from 3 - 8:30 PM!

Sep 20th 6:13pm • No Comments

Specials tonight at royalberry.

Sep 14th 8:35pm • No Comments

It's that simple. #royalberrywafflehouse

Sep 14th 3:46pm • No Comments

Off to a good start today, if we do say so ourselves!

Sep 12th 1:34pm • No Comments

Comfort food at its most delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Sep 7th 9:26pm • No Comments

Off to a good start this morning, if we do say so ourselves! #royalberrywafflehouse #skillet #delicious

Sep 4th 1:38pm • No Comments

The perfect excuse to treat yourself to a delicious meal at Royalberry Waffle House. ๐Ÿ˜‹

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Royalberry Wafflehouse & Restaurant