Royalberry Waffle House & Restaurant

Specials tonight at royalberry.

Sep 14th 8:35pm • No Comments

It's that simple. #royalberrywafflehouse

Sep 14th 3:46pm • No Comments

Off to a good start today, if we do say so ourselves!

Sep 12th 1:34pm • No Comments

Comfort food at its most delicious. 😋

Sep 7th 9:26pm • No Comments

Off to a good start this morning, if we do say so ourselves! #royalberrywafflehouse #skillet #delicious

Sep 4th 1:38pm • No Comments

The perfect excuse to treat yourself to a delicious meal at Royalberry Waffle House. 😋

Aug 31st 4:24pm • No Comments

Wake up on the sunny side. ☀️ #breakfast #skillet #hashbrowns #eggs #sunnysideup #delicious

Aug 28th 2:13pm • No Comments

Saturday mornings are sweeter at Royalberry. #chocolate #waffles #yum

Aug 25th 3:04pm • No Comments

So... whatcha doin' for breakfast, Palos Heights? 😋

Aug 25th 2:23pm • No Comments

It's a Royalberry Waffle House kind of day. #sunday #brunch #seeyousoon

Aug 19th 3:21pm • No Comments

How good mornings become great mornings. #royalberrywafflehouse #riseandshine

Aug 15th 1:32pm • No Comments

It's not the weekend without a delicious Bloody Mary! 😋

Aug 11th 3:23pm • No Comments

All of the other things are just details. #royalberrywafflehouse

Aug 2nd 9:34pm • No Comments

Royalberry Wafflehouse & Restaurant