Royalberry Waffle House & Restaurant

Eat, Drink, and be Mary! #bloodymary #royalberrywafflehouse

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When you're looking for dinner plans and the internet literally gives you a sign.

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If this isn't on your to-do list, it should be.

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Doesn't get much better than this. #chicken #parmesan

Aug 3rd 4:12pm • No Comments

Thanks for giving us so much of it, Palos Heights!

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Who's ready for lunch? #chicken #waffles #yum

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Show your support for small business.

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Two words: comfort food.

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We love having you here.

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Thanks for supporting #local!

Jul 14th 1:07pm • No Comments

What do you do when you turn in your drivers license (after driving over 77 yrs) for a State ID? You celebrate at Royalberry! Btw, he'll be 97 tomorrow (7/14)!

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Start your morning the right way.

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Royalberry Wafflehouse & Restaurant