Royalberry Waffle House & Restaurant

Which one would you dig into first?

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Show your dad some love this Father's Day with a delicious breakfast at Royalberry Wafflehouse!

Jun 15th 2:31pm • No Comments

Ready for lunch? It's ready for you!

Jun 13th 4:08pm • No Comments

Talk about a blast from the past! Clear your calendars.

Jun 12th 4:06pm • No Comments

Who's ready to indulge this weekend? 🙋 🙋‍♂️

Jun 9th 1:32pm • No Comments

Go on, don't be shy... 😋

Jun 5th 9:34pm • No Comments

Breakfast at Royalberry. Need we say more? #scramble #pancakes #mimosa #addbacon #yummy #goodmorning

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In case you needed another reason to check us out! 😋

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Warning: this is only a picture. Do not attempt to lick your screen.

May 25th 3:44pm • No Comments

Can you do it? Let's see!

May 17th 3:18pm • No Comments

We found the answer to Mondays! 😋

May 14th 8:43pm • No Comments

Celebrate mom with us this Mother's Day. ❤️ #royalberrywafflehouse #mothersday2018

May 9th 5:23pm • No Comments

Monday, here we go. ☕

#mondays #coffee #riseandshine

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Royalberry Wafflehouse & Restaurant