Royalberry Waffle House & Restaurant

Around here, one thing is for sure -- you'll never leave hungry.

Nov 14th 2:36pm • No Comments

We're giving you the green light to treat yourself to something delicious and nutritious.

Nov 12th 4:47pm • No Comments

Our bowls have been known to warm souls. #breakfast #skillet #comfortfood #yum

Nov 10th 3:27pm • No Comments

There's no better feeling!

Nov 6th 5:03pm • No Comments

We're saving you a seat, Palos Heights -- come join us for breakfast!

Nov 1st 1:24pm • No Comments

Drizzled with care. Enjoy if you dare! 🎃

Oct 31st 3:18pm • No Comments

Why wait until Halloween to get your treats? 🍬

Oct 27th 3:03pm • No Comments

Jimbo having a Peach Cobbler Waffle.

Oct 26th 3:39pm • No Comments

Hospitality: the act of turning strangers into friends by treating them like family. #royalberrywafflehouse

Oct 20th 2:32pm • No Comments

It's what you can always expect from us. #royalberrywafflehouse #palosheightsil #palosheightsfood #deliciousfood

Oct 17th 3:43pm • No Comments

Very disappointed. Restaurant wasn’t that busy at all and yet they sat us at a table where we waited for over 5 mins watching wait staff attend other tables while not one brought us water or asked what we would like to drink. We finally walked out and no one even noticed. That is NOT how you get people to patronize your business. We won’t be back.

Oct 13th 4:01pm • No Comments

It feels like a chicken and waffle kind of day, don't you think? 😋

Oct 13th 3:04pm • No Comments

Only the freshest toppings for you, Palos Heights!

Oct 9th 3:34pm • No Comments

The best way to start a great #weekend in #palosheights is with one of our delicious Bloody Marys!

Oct 6th 2:52pm • No Comments

Royalberry Wafflehouse & Restaurant