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We love having you here.

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Thanks for supporting #local!

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What do you do when you turn in your drivers license (after driving over 77 yrs) for a State ID? You celebrate at Royalberry! Btw, he'll be 97 tomorrow (7/14)!

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Start your morning the right way.

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The correct answer to: "what's for lunch?"

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Can't wait to see you here!

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Come join us for lunch out on our patio!

Jun 27th 3:41pm • No Comments

I am extremely disappointed in the service I received this morning. Ordered our breakfast and after what seemed like forever, I motioned for our server and she said " Sorry the kitchen is backed up." I said ok that I understood. Then another 15 minutes went by and still our server had not come to let us know anything so I spoke to one of the hostesses . I asked to speak to the manager about our food. She said sorry that they were behind but she would check- she asked what we ordered. She never came back until 10 min later when our server came up and apologized that she couldn't give me a time about the food cause they yell at her in the kitchen so I asked to have the manager come over which was the other lady I spoke too but never told me she was a manager. So she came over and said that she didn't even know if they were working on our food.

Are you kidding me! A manager couldn't even tell me if they were even making our food! Not too mention after I told her that I have watched 3 other tables that sat way after us get their food she still insisted that the kitchen was backed up. Instead of being honest and telling me they forgot to make it or they lost our ticket they didn't do a damn thing! And when I said then I'm leaving - the manager said , " Don't worry next time you come here-" I stopped her and said that I would never come back!!

Horrible horrible way of doing business. I work as a server myself and am well aware of how a kitchen runs and how the service industry is supposed to operate. Absolutely never coming back and would never recommend it to anyone either!

Jun 25th 4:52pm • No Comments

You can also download our app on Google Play and in the Apple Store! #comingtoyou #breakfast #lunch #dinner #allday

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We've got it. #bloodymary #yum

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Get him a gift he'll love. Swing by for a delicious meal.

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Bring your dad in for the royal treatment.

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Fresh is the name of the game.

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